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Rebuilt Caterpillar Diesel Engines

With more than 13 years of experience, quality remanufacturing of Caterpillar Diesel Engines is our specialty.

  • Our Specialization:
  • Diesel-engine maintenance & repair
  • Complete overhaul packages
  • Engine Tear Down And Re-assembly including Dyno Testing
  • Crankpin Journal Machining and Grinding
  • Main Bearing Journal Machining and Grinding
  • Upper & Lower Cylinder Liner Landing Sleeving
  • Vibration Dampeners/Mounting Pads for Engines
  • Turbo Chargers/Casings
  • Mechanical/Electrical components repair
  • Comprehensive Spare-parts support
  • Field service
  • Diesel Injection Pump Supply or Rebuilding and Testing

On-Site services can be performed by East Asia Power for all locations internationally from offshore installations to sea faring vessels to dry docks and even to the more remote areas where mining or other industrial operations take place.
Kindly speak to our sales team for more details & how we can best assist your requirements to the fullest.

Rebuilt Engines / Engine Components Exchange Program


You can save productivity dollars by reducing down time. You can avoid wasting time evaluating quick fix possibilities. You can avoid paying heftily for hasty last minute repair jobs.

Rebuilt exchange diesel engines available, for Sale or Trade-In.

We have formalized a Rebuilt Diesel Engine Exchange Program – A qualified old core engine can be exchanged for a professionally rebuilt engine with a written warranty.

Genuine parts used throughout to ensure integrity of the workmanship. We perform a complete tear-down & inspection of the entire engine. Components are reconditioned or replaced as necessary. Engines are reassembled within specs of new engines.

Diesel overhaul kits and exchanges of engine components available for most industrial and marine applications.

Just tell us what you have, what you need & we will deliver the most viable alternatives for your consideration.

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