Marine Generator Packages


The challenge with this customized EAMXTA60 is its sheer size. Totally enclosed in a 40ft ISO Standard high cube container, we have to work aroun the tight spaces available to include a built-in 4,500 litres fuel tank to ensure the generator run 24 hours non-stop at 80% load, not to mention its compact cooling system. The EAMXTA60 is able to product 1800kWe at 60Hz. 3 of these giants are housed permanent on deck Enterprise 3 (Derrick Lay Barge) are synchronize to product a total of 5.4MW to power her Pipelay system, 800MT Crane, a 250MT Crawler Crane, and 8 mooring winches of 100MT each. These generators are fully electronic, which ensure superb fuel efficiency and comply with latest emission standards.